Hello and Welcome.

I’m Arlene Marie. Owner, creator, designer, founder for Bijoux Beauties, Arlene Marie Designs, Arlene Marie Paperie and ArleneMarie.com.

My background specialties include event planning, feminine brand and re-branding, logo design along and printable home and office decor and now handmade jewelries.

After many years within the travel and bridal industry I found a new love and passion for creating logo brands, styling and design for women businesses.

In May 2021 I recently fell in love with an amazingly talented local handmade jewelry designer Created by CEJ located in Stockton, California. I had ordered a few of her beautiful collections and messaged back and forth with her about a custom piece. She was wonderful to work with. Her works have inspired me to try my hand in creating my own handmade jewelry.

You see…I have to keep my mind and body distracted from the daily pains I deal with due to a long battle with Cancer. I have to find creative outlets to sometimes get me through the day. Unfortunately now there is no cure with my battle and it’s all about being most comfortable for me.

I started making a few pairs of earrings for myself and my best friend Jennifer Porter. After she received them she immediately posted photos of them all over her social media saying “look what my bff made and now they are available for purchase”. She literally threw me into the deep end of the pool. I am always telling her to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow. Well, there is no better way for me to learn then to grow from my own words. From her one posting I received several messages about purchasing and VIOLA! Bijoux Beauties was born.

For the moment I am making earrings but I will be slowly adding bracelets and necklaces. So stay tuned.

I am super organized in both my personal and professional life. I love what I do and I absolutely love working and collaborating with passionate entrepreneurs around the world, to help build and develop a fresh, new look for a brand that reflects their own personal style and tells their authentic story.

I myself have had to brand and re-brand my own business multiple times. I understand the excitement of starting your own business and it doesn’t work the first, second or third time.

I started my first online blog years ago with The Pink Tulle Bride and that eventually expanded to include brand and subscription box reviews with Gorgeous Boxes. But all along behind the scenes I was helping branding and designing logos, business templates, package labels and websites for women businesses. I was receiving referral after referral and it was then I knew I was finally settled into my niche.

My designs will sometimes incorporate illustrations from other artists. If you have something you think would blend with my designs, or you are a business you would love me to affiliate for please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.